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That's A Lot of Snow

The first big snow of the season has arrived. It's coming down pretty hard. Mom's work in closed and even the rail transit system has closed down.

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The weather-people had mentioned something about snow to the northwest but I didn't think it was supposed to make it to my area. Sure enough, there was white stuff on...

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Here we go again?

I thought they were downplaying the storming coming for tomorrow. I guess not. The big Nor'easter is being thrown around. And, it's supposed to hit in time for rush hour....

Posted: February 27, 2005Continue Reading

Another 3 inches.

So it looks like we got 3 inches with this last storm. Actually it wasn't all that bad because it was powder. I think that's the wonder of it being...

Posted: February 25, 2005Continue Reading

Let there be snow.

It started flurrying around 9am this morning. When I called home at 1pm, it had barely started. By then it was snowing heavily in the city. Goodness. Let's hope this...

Posted: February 24, 2005Continue Reading

More snow?

We just had a few inches of wet snow on Monday. That was fairly heavy to shovel. At least I had the day off. But, the weather forecast for tomorrow...

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